places that u come to fear the most

its okay to cry

poor emo kid
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this is a pretty damn open community...AS IN ANYONE CAN JOIN...

the survey below is just for fun and just so we can get to know. :)

u can talk about how ur boyfriend/girlfriend dumped u...a really bad night ur having...suggested some bands...just be nice...i hate people putting down others,,,cause were a community and like the olive garden solgan says "when your here your family"

this isnt an elite community
its just that we'd like to get to know u its not that much fun just seeing."hey im new and im like really into emo."
but its good to know little things like...ur name :D soo try it :P

[x] name
[x] age
[x] type of emo u like...or just some bands u like
[x] things u really like
[x] are u taken ;)...details... :P
[x] poor are u?
[x] been through a rough heartbreak...(other than when u found out chris martin was married to gwenth....is he really emo?)
[X] pretty much any basic random fact

i thought it was funny cause people were doing this before it was ever suggested...

anywho i 1_straw_please am your mod...i made this community under the name queenfairy007 but times have change and so have i hense the new lj but...nothing for the love of music has change nor has my taste though ive gotten a bit more indie and branched out to the world of screamo a few times...but there is one thing im not...and thats a "scence girl" not hating on them its just not me..
but if you like music and you just want to make some friends and talk along the way thats great.

oh and as your mod..dont mess with me...im either the nicest person in the world or the bitchiest and most of the time im nice...but if you start with people im going to have to ban you.i want peace thats all i ask.

another rule no emo haters....its just not cool to enter a community and get people all stirred up...cause you too will be banned

and thats it...all very basic though it seems like alot :)