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bang bang.

x] name   Jessica.
[x] age     14
[x] type of emo u like...or just some bands u like       um... Alexisonfire, Something Corporate, From First To Last, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, A Small Victory, AFI, My Chemical Romance um.. a bunch more I am too lazy to type
[x] things u really like          poptarts, boys, movies about serial killers, the topic of suicide..not wanting to do it but just the topic of it.
[x] are u taken ;)...details... :P     no. ive been single for quite some time now and things arent looking to great lol. things were looking like they might turn into not being single for a while but then that just blew up in my face.
[x] poor are u?     nope.
[x] been through a rough heartbreak...(other than when u found out chris martin was married to he really emo?)            um....ive been through heartbreak but it was kinda crazy and im over it now. now im in a little bit of a different one but hes an asshole and im not sure why i care.
[X] pretty much any basic random fact           i really like tube socks.

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