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[x] name: Rachael

[x] age: 14

[x] type of emo u like...or just some bands u like: i'll go with bands...Something corporate, taking back sunday, MCR, saves the day, hawthorne heights, the beautiful mistake, tomorrow in review, gratitude, finch, fall out boy, a static lullaby, bright eyes, count the stars, planes mistaken for stars, the get up kids, etc..etc..

[x] things u really like: red lipstick, i rarely wear it, but when i do it always seems to go with what im wearing and looks so dramatic, im always a sucker for boys hair when their bangs cover half of their face<333, Pandas are awesome, and so is the color green<333

[x] are u taken ;)...details... :P: yes i am <333 its only been about 6 months, and im hoping it'll last a very long time because i gave up a lot of things for him including a lot of friends who didnt like him..but then again, why would you want to be friends with someone who judges you based off of who you're dating? exactly ;)

[x] poor are u?: i need a job </3>
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