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[x] name:Lora
[x] age:16
[x] type of emo u like...or just some bands u like: MF&TGG, The YYYs, The Strokes, Dshbd. Conf., The Ataris, etc.
[x] things u really like: Mac. & cheese, tea, my kittie, coffee, etc.
[x] are u taken ;)...details... :P: yes and no....I have a guy but I'm not very significant to him
[x] poor are u? I'm not poor money-wise but heart-wise ....poor me...
[x] been through a rough heartbreak...(other than when u found out chris martin was married to he really emo?)Yeah....first bf. Dumped me after 2 years.....
[X] pretty much any basic random fact: I can write w/ my toes....^_^
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