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BLS Petition 
11:34am 16/06/2005
  Hey guys, I started a petition to try to convince ABC Family to put The Brendan Leonard Show on DVD. Check it out!

07:28am 25/04/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
something corporates andrew mcmahon has a new bandddd! <333!

New Jack's Mannequin Tunes
07:24am 15/04/2005
  [x] Name: Cliffy
[x] Age: Not telling!
[x] Bands: Cure, Placebo, Suede, T-rex, My Chemical Romance, Ours, Matt Pond Pa
[x] things u really like: Honesty and vulnerability.
[x] are u taken: No, i kind of find it hard to trust anyone.
[x] poor are u? : No comment
[x] been through a rough heartbreak: 12 songs worth...
[X] pretty much any basic random fact: This is my band..
Come say hi!
02:33am 28/03/2005

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bang bang. 
10:59pm 21/03/2005
mood: chipper

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10:55pm 21/03/2005
10:03pm 25/01/2005
  i wish i could get my head of the sand, 'cause I think we'd make a good team. and you could keep mah fingernails clean.

but that's just a stupid dream that I won't REALIIIIZE 'CAUSE I CAN'T EVEN LOOK IN YOUR EYES. WITHOUT SHAKIN'. and i ain't fakin. I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon.

where is that from?
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10:15pm 01/01/2005
11:23pm 23/12/2004
mood: accomplished
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Want some free Thursday merch? 
12:43pm 03/11/2004
  Hey everyone. Do yourself a favor, check out this contest from Thursday. If you enter to win you have a chance at a free digital camera and free Thursday merch. While you're there, check out their ad campaign speaking out against puppy mills and urging people to be resposible! Thanks. :)

my lovely introduction..and you are whom? 
07:45pm 20/10/2004
mood: contemplative

[x] Megan
[x] 14
[x] emo, screamo, hardxcore

[x] gray, davey havok, books, Michael Moore, indpendent films, my puppy, my skateboard, drugs, my friends, concerts, fires, lips
[x] are we together..yes...do we call eachother boyfriend and girlfriend..no :(
[x] poor are u? money..close to it
[x] who hasn't been through rough heartbreak is the real question..yes, I have dealt with it. me and my best friend fell for eachother..didnt work out..now we dont speak..sad
[X] pretty much any basic random fact..o0o I have many of these hehe. Im addicted to almost anything you can name.

03:55pm 14/10/2004
mood: angry
Yeah, I talked to Melissa, and she says im not the screamo kid i used to be. That's disappointing. Look what Emo does to you. Oh well.
I talked to Sophie last night, and honestly, it was the best conversation I've had with ANYONE for about a month. She's so sweet. She's kind, and when she objects to something you say, she isn't a bitch about it. But yeah, we talked about alot of stuff...and It was cool.
The other night, Kelsey picked me up with her friend...Kim? Yeah, it was Kim. We hung out...we got shit from Dairy Queen. I got a Moolatte. I threw it at a van, and threw it up and a basketball court. It was fun. I wanna do it again.
The new Underoath is GOOD. Good for them...their old shit is midly good, but i dont like to listen to it. Their new shit is quite tasty. Oh yeah.
Yeah, yesterday i realized how much i hate my homelife..because i was sitting in my room, and i just looked around and started crying. Yeah, for no reason, i started crying...compltely out of nowhere. It actually scared me for a second. But it sucked so bad. My room is so fucking small and dark and shitty...and my step mom is such a rude ass bitch...and my dad could fucking care less if i fell over and died in front of him. I wanna leave so fucking bad, but i have NOWHERE TO FUCKING RUN. It's so disappointing how i wanna run. I sound like a fucking coward, i wanna hit myself. But that's what i am...a fucking coward. Oh well, noone's perfect, but I cant even manage NORMAL.
Yeh, sorry. No point in complaining about it, cuz im not so sure anyone cares anymore. I dont even talk to anyone anymore. But it isnt my fault...im in a band! And school...damnit it's not my fault I'm losing touch with everyone. I miss you all so bad, and i would give the world to be with all of you.
Yeah, im sounding emo.
I can't believe how badly my "keep all my friends" plan fell to peices. The most disappointing is Paul. I talked to him last night..and we had a good convo. But something was missing. INTEREST. It seeemed like we both didn't really give a shit. And it's my fault. I love him. He's like my fucking brother, and it's so fucking disappointing to know we're losing touch. He's one of the only people i could ever fucking spill my heart to. And we're losing touch. It's not right, ITS NOT FAIR. But i have noone else to blame but myself. CRAP.
I swear...i just wanna get onstage and let it all out. That's the one thing. That's the one thing that keeps me from running away from it all. Just to be onstage, and let out all my emotion. That's like...one of the only places i can do such a thing. I miss it. My chance is soon though...North Canyon...the 22nd. I'm gonna tear that fucking stage up with my bare hands.
Well, yeah, besides all of that shit, nothing is going on. I'm constantly trying to find ways to make my appearances better...and it's not working. I can't stand it...i hate everything about my appearance..and i can't do a thing about it. It's not fair.
Seriously, this new Underoath is UBER GOOD. I want their new cd..."They're Only Chasing Safety". It's almost got an A Static Lullaby feel..It's awesome.
Yeah, what am i doing this weekend? Oh yeah, practice on friday, and maybe Desert Ridge. On Saturday, its practice.
Melissa asked me to be her homecoming date. So that's my saturday night.
Sunday...Blech. Day off. I need to get drunk. Not on Sunday. Blah you know what i mean. Dude, seriously idk.
I miss all my friends. All of them. I wanna be attractive. I wanna be "HOT" as some may say. I wanna be wanted.
09:41pm 10/10/2004
  [x] My name is Megan
[x] 15 years of age
[x] I love all music but my current obsession is My Chemical Romace
[x] I like movies, eyes, chemicals, things of this nature
[x] I am taken...not technically, but trust me, he has me taken
[x] yes, i have had heartbreak, but im only 15..how bad could I get?
[X] random fact eh? I feel naked without eyeliner and a necklace....
08:22am 05/10/2004
mood: content
[x] name:Lora
[x] age:16
[x] type of emo u like...or just some bands u like: MF&TGG, The YYYs, The Strokes, Dshbd. Conf., The Ataris, etc.
[x] things u really like: Mac. & cheese, tea, my kittie, coffee, etc.
[x] are u taken ;)...details... :P: yes and no....I have a guy but I'm not very significant to him
[x] poor are u? I'm not poor money-wise but heart-wise ....poor me...
[x] been through a rough heartbreak...(other than when u found out chris martin was married to gwenth....is he really emo?)Yeah....first bf. Dumped me after 2 years.....
[X] pretty much any basic random fact: I can write w/ my toes....^_^
Dont believe in me, cuz i will let you down. 
03:16pm 22/09/2004
  Why doesnt anyone post in this communtity anymore?

Well come on, we cant be emo all the time...
03:10pm 16/09/2004
  one of my friend's committed suicide last night, and we're having a pretty hard time dealing with it. i just wanted to make a mix for my friends to listen to..to get through this.. anyone wanna help?

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08:36pm 01/09/2004
mood: content
promotion to a rad community all about music.
thought you guys would be interested. now go join.


psh....you so crazy 
12:56pm 29/08/2004
  Forgot who she was..

Tee hee


He's diggin the tunes..

You could almost see his brains!

Music is F-U-N


Before we got picked up.

Cool right? I suck at photography, but i like those. Here are the ones i took at home, before i went to sleep.

My un-played drums..

Dont look into the camera...you'll break the lense...


Yep. Sorry for being ugly/emo. Well Mel and I are okay now. Yay. I am so fucking happy now. I'm gonna update later, and give you a chance to COMMENT BECUASE LJ COMMENTS RULE
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05:22pm 23/08/2004
mood: emo
Sometimes I hate being emo.
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10:22am 22/08/2004
mood: lonely
Yeah. Well its sunday. And i cant help but be depressed becuase school is again this week. I dont wanna go back goddamnit i hate that place so fucking much. That, and i had tons of homework that i didnt make an effort on finishing. Goddamnit. Why do we go to school? It's a pointless event, i barely give a shit about anything i learn.

Things arent very good right now. In any aspect of my life. After last night, i could never be more depressed. And Melissa...........

Last night i was honestly thinking if it would be better if i just...DIDNT exist. I'm willing to bet that the world would be a better place if i wasnt here. Cuz lately, that's how alot of people have been making me feel.

I feel so out of place. Like im not welcomed in any kind of friendship. Like im just a burden to carry around.

I'm constantly thinking "does he/she hate me now?" or "what did i do wrong NOW?!"

It's seriously almost to hard to handle. I dont like this. What did i do wrong to make things so fucked? What did i say?

I'm sorry guys. Most of you are prolly not reading this anymore cuz i complain so much, and i understand that. If i were you guys, i would have long since told me to fuck off or shut up.

Well this is my good bye, until next week. I'm sorry that i cant update that much anymore, but you prolly dont care anyways. Farewell.

*He feels alone. His heart in his hands, he ALONE.*

<3 Melissa <3
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